Dear Friends, We Doctors are very busy either with our professional work or with our family obligation.. I found this attached golden rule for our good health and wealth very Helpful. How much HELPFUL to you.? Dr. K N PODDAR



fantastic rules sir..but generally most of us giving importance to earn money. .but without proper guidance in investment. .at the same time less importance for health we are giving. ...ultimately. .We are unable to earn or if earned not investing properly. .finally we are not maintaining both health and wealth... timely needed post sir..Thanks a lot Dr. poddar sir.

100% Helpful

Which one is better? Health or wealth sir?

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Excellent suggestions sir. Planning is important in each and every aspect of our carrier. what you said is 100% true sir

Both things are necessary for a happy and prosperous life. Who makes balance in between these he is a king in reality but very difficult not impossible. Golden suggestions Dr.

nice post important aspect of life . definitely health is on top priority

Beautiful Post Sir... No doubt its 101% helpful.....

correct and it's need of time fr dr"s to take care of there health, ,wealth will come at right times have patience

Absolutely agreed

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Very nice.

we,may now a days,manage our wealth as said above but how much on regular for health!!

Very nice.thx

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