cirrhosis of liver

Decompensated cirrhosis of liver -Alcohol induced with portal HTN, Ascites and UGI Bleed ( Esophageal varices with portal hypertensive gastropathy) Chief Complaints A 50 yr old male has come with complains of 1 episode of bloody vomitus and abdominal distension. No associated yellowish discoloration of urine, pruritus, pain in rt hypochondrium, altered sensorium, reversal of sleep wake cycle, malena etc. He is a chronic Alcoholic. No H/O HTN, T2DM, Hypothyroidism etc. P/A - abdomen is distended, with everted umblicus, flanks are full , slight visible veins over abdomen, no organomegaly. Loss of chest and axillary, pubic hairs, hepatic faices with icterus and malar prominence, no parotid enlargement, no Duptyren s contracture, no flapping tremor. Clubbing present. No features of Hepatic encephalopathy, platypnea etc. Blood reports showing raised Sr bilirubin, ALT and AST. Normal PT/INR. USG W/A showing features of cirrhosis and renal calculus with Ascites. Pt reported today 1 more episode of hematemesis and 3 episodes of malena. UGI endoscopy was done showing 3 column, grade 2 varices and PHG. Variceal banding was done.


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