Decrease in appetite and an increasing problem with vomiting

54/y/o year-old man has lost 10 kg in weight over the last 4 months. This has been associated with a decrease in appetite and an increasing problem with vomiting. During the last month he has noticed some weakness, particularly in his legs, climbing hills and stairs. Chronic history of smoking 20 cigarettes per day. There is no relevant family history. His past medical history consists of hypertension He stopped taking all previous medicines 4 months ago. On Examination He looks thin and weak Pulse 82/min. BP 148/86 mmHg. P/A- No tenderness, No organomegaly



Needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet pomegranates carrots Smoking to be stopped completely...Home people have to look after his mental ailments and solve them... Orange juice fresh every morning with mint leaves... Ajwain kaa dhuaan...under strict supervision and mgmt of Doctor....jeera... coriander juice in morning... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval...saunf... carrots..

Need investigations like usg, LFT etc.

Acetic ac 30 tds

Nux vomica 1 M monthly × 3 dose Arsenic Album 30 TDs

CBC ,LFT, should be done Jaundice?? Nux vomica may be helpful

Nux vomeka 30

Sulph 200/3dose Nux vomica30 tds for one week

Advice for CBC, LFT and usg abdomen

Drumstick soup... inhalation techniques only under strict supervision of Doctor...

Rx Nux vomica

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