decreased vision decrease hearing irrevalent talk known diabetic known hypertensive 75 Yr age she has hx of CVA 10 yrs back



B/l cerebral atrophy with dilatation of left lateral ventricle.

MRI doesn't show any acute lesion except left exvacuo lateral ventricular dilatation. Look for other causes of Delirium or altered sensorium...and provide detailed history and examination.@Dr. Murad Ali Afridi

Need dwi images to rule out acute infarct.. and screen for causes of encephalitis/ meningitis. Scan shows only old infract with ex vacuo dilatation

Cortical blindness, word deafness, metabolic encephalopthy with ischemic CVD.

Cerebral atrophy along with lt temporoparietal chronic infarct with gliosis and ex vacuo dilatation of occipital horn of lt lateral ventricle

B/l cerebral atrophy with dilatation of left lateral ventricle

Lt sided occipital dilatation of Ventricle , Multiple infarctions, mainly lt occipital, lt temporal and Bilateral frontal regions .

I agree with Dr P Vedwan

What's the finding

I learned here.. thank you all

He might be dementic....

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