Delayed Milestones

Complaint of delayed talking & walking in a child of 18 months Walking in child is normal Child is energetic wants to play all time prone to respiratory affections often Delivered by C-Section No h/o any disease during pregnancy in mother Mother is very irritable, often suffered from cold & cough Low immunity, lean thin Appetite, thirst- normal Don't like mothers milk wants sweet things Suggest any medicine or diagnostic procedure doctors


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Firstly, enquire all the milestones as all babies develop differently. Some toddlers learn to talk by age of 2 and it is completely normal. Allay the anxiety of parents by councelling. At 18 months already toddler is having foods which are slowly introduced at the age of 6 months. Try to introduce different taste and texture, it is normal for a toddler to like sweet as that is the first taste started. At 18 month toddler will have started teething for molars too. Ready to bite and chew, so what for aversion to mother milk..! It is good that the child is energetic and wants to play. As far as frequent infections are seen, enquire the frequency of episodes to analyse normal or more than normal. Few episodes in a year are part of growing. Advise balanced diet and proper care to avoid exposure to triggers for the toddler. In my humble opinion, all we need here is to bring awareness and remove the anxiety of parents. I do not see any need for medication, it is a pure case of counselling as nurturing a toddler requires immense amount of patience and care without being anxious.

Thank you@Dr. Tharani Kumar and @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

U may start with Tub 200 (1) dose Ask to eat more vitaminious fiberous food n drink plenty of water...

Baryta carb Children can get wind or bowel disease

Baryta carb30/tds Five phos6x tds

Though the history of delayed talking and walking, but now the child is normal in walking and energetic. So nothing to worry. Gradually the child will improve.

Immune system boosts up.... energy levels boost upprayers. Lemongrass decoction datesnattural sweet eners

Pediatrician advice is helpful Swarna prashan Kumarkalyan rasa

Rx 1. Saraswat Ghrita 2. Brento Syp. 3. Chyawanprash.

Tuberculinum 200 1 dose will be suitable... CP 6X

Kumarkalyan ras Balaamritam Swarna prashan

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