DenTest Quiz weekly winners

Top winners of the Saturday DenTest Quiz of: 1) June Round 4 on 27th June, Topic - "A 22-year-old female with yellow-brown discoloration of teeth" 2) July Round 1 on 4th July, Topic - "An 18-year-old female with huge mandibular swelling" 3) July Round 2 on 11th July, Topic - "A 38-year-old male with anterior mandibular swelling of rapid onset" 4) July Round 3 on 18th July, Topic - "A 29-year-old female complaints of malaligned teeth with unusual shape" 5) July Round 4 on 25th July, Topic - "A 42-year-old male presents with a draining sinus in the Submental region" Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you all for your contributions. Keep participating!



Pradeep . Dr. Akash Ardeshana Dr. Vijay S Syeda Husna Noorein Dr. Robin Nirwan Dr. Kiran Lamba Dr. Kausar Yadwad Dr. Sindhu Gandra Foram Vaid Dr. Senthil Balasubramani Dr. Sabista Naaz Dr. Rakesh Ostwal Dr. Satish Kumar Dr. Hrishikesh Bhowmick Dr. Shulabh Pagaria Dr. Shoaib Alam Rathish S Rahul Rai Dr. Shivansh Shekhar Dr. Usha V Isha Khanpara Congratulations to all the winners.

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