dermatitis following cutting out raw. cashew nuts from Green cashew fruits. itching present. what should be the management. @Dr. Dinesh Singh

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Allergic Contact Dermatitis Chemical cardol and anacardic acid found in cashew nut may be culprit. Rx Topical steroid+antibiotics cream. Emollients. Antihistamines.

Occupational contact dermatitis.

@Dr. Unmesh Basu - allergic contact dermatitis with secondary infection

ACD Tab Levocetrizine Clonate F cream.. apply locally bd

Occupational contact dermatitis

Calamine+diphenhydramine lotion l/a Tab.Avil 25mg b.d or sos... Avoid contact with the same irritent..

Emollient Steroidal cream Tab levocetrizine 5 mg bd

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