Developmental Disability

Developmental Disability will remain present throughout individuals life. Appropriate intervention and support can help to maximise health and well-being of children and their families. Chief Complaints The five domains in which developmental Disability occur are 1. Physical or motor 2. Sensory 3. Learning or Intellectual 4. Language and Communication 5. Behavioral areas. History In the motor domain, Cerebral palsy Spina bifida Muscular dystrophies Developmental coordination disorder are 4 major disorders In the sensory domain, Congenital cataracts, Retinopathy of prematurity Chronic otitis media Sensory processing disorders In the Learning or Intellectual domain, . Down's syndrome Fragile X syndrome In the behavioural domains, Autism spectrum disorder ADHD And in the language and communication domain, Speech disorders Speech fluency disorders Language disorder In most cases, there is overlap within the domains as one disorder may have feature of one or children with cerebral palsy often show sensory, intellectual and communication and behaviour deviations alongwith motor difficulties.. though this is not true for all children with CP. Children with autism will show difficulty with sensory processing as well as language and communication. Management It is our duty as medical professionals to ensure that children with disability not only survive but also thrive and transform their life for the better...

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These children are called God's children. Many are differently abled than disabled. God give them special gifts like psychic abilities. There is more to them than normal people can understand. Their level of understanding may be higher. Only the communication to outer world is defective. They are good fighters With professional help,their life can be made very productive

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