?dhat syndrome

25 yrs old male having complaints of involuntary ejaculation for last 3-4 years indl got married in 2018 and having one female child he is not having any complaints when he is with his wife problems aggravates when he is away from his wife indl is giving history that he had not done masturbation now he is experiencing involuntary ejaculation which is more during night time and also some episodes during day time while he is working no c/o burning micturition bowel movement normal 1yr back indl had taken some ayurvedic medicine for 2months indl is also having c/o premature ejaculation during intercourse



This is a c/o over excitation and termed as spermetorrhea Counseling Tranquillisers Avoid seeing sexy and blue films Ask to remain faithful to his partner

Thanx dr Ali Amin

Dhat syndrome and premature ejaculation are both defferent but both are negative cultural conditioning. This unconscious desire which is required sexual act and those are situations whichever you have depression, anxiety, sexual act, habitual of mastrubation. To require him to treat by meditation with medicine of tab.clomipramine and paroxetine. This patient to give him properly counselling with assessment of internal conflicts to modify behaviour. Most required drugs history SSRI,Nicotine, Alcohol, pornography. Squeeze Technics is good for him. This condition is resolved in long time. This is diagnosis of PME.

Stress and anxiety Rx SSRI

T. Fluoxetine

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