Diabetes management oha/insulin management


ORAL HYPOGLYCEMIA AGENTS :- A) BIGUANIDE Drugs - Metformin S/e :- Vb12 deficiency lactic acidosis Weight loss . 2) SULFONYLUREAS Glipizide Glimepiride S/e:- Alcohol reaction Weight gain 3)MEGLITINDE Rapeglinide Nateglinide S/e:- Wt.gain Hypoglycemia 4) THAILIDOMIDES Pioglitazone Rioglitazone S/e:- Hypoglycemia wt gain heart failure kidney failure 5)DDP4 INH Sitagliptin aglogliptin S/e:- Pancreatitis 6)SGLT2 INH Dapaglifozin Canaglifozin S/e:- Wt.loss UTI 7)Alpha-Glucornidase INH Acarbose Voglibose miglitol

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Depends on HbA1c level,KFT and pt profile

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