Diabetes with parkinsonism

Age: 75/M Constitution :lean thin C/o: Diabetes since 1 year. Mild BPH. Parkinsonism since a very long time. Intensity of trembling of hands are increases when he become angry. Mild deafness in ear. 3rd fingers of both hands are unable to bend due to pain. Sweeling is present there. (Something hard in fingers like nodules but no gout and RA ) Pain in Rt and left finger alternately. Mind: every things wants to kneet and clean. Always want to occupy in something. Highly angry when someone tell him wrong. Highly restlessness and Fastidiousness. Plz suggest homoeopathic remedy.



Due to ageing and diabetes patients are likely to get such complaints. Looking at physical and mental symptoms, he can be easily cured from his complaints with constitutional homoeopathic medicine. Looking at present state, Arsenicum album medicine 200 medicine will help him.

Ars alb 200 (1) dose K.p 12x 4 pills 7 days tds in dilution

Causticum 1m/3dose weekly Ars.alb30/tds KP6x tds

Argentum Nitricum 30

Rx Lycopodium.

Nux vomica 200

Nat sulph 1m.

Ars alb30/

Arsenic alb