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Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy also known as Diabetic Kidney Disease leads to chronic loss of kidney function. Almost one in every five people with diabetes are suffering from diabetic nephropathy. It is also one of the causes of end-stage renal failure. Please share your experiences with this condition in your practice.......




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Early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathu Spot urine MCR / ACR > 30 ( microalbumon : Creatinine Ratio ) Rx 1 ACE / ARB till GFR >60 ml / hour After which these drugs can't be prescribed 2 Dapagliflozin= can reduce proteinuris 3 Aldactone = can reduce proteinuria 4 Hypertension is not an essential component in diagnosis of Diabetic nephropathy

Please reasd 60 ml / min

The pathological hall marks of diabetic nephropathy are Kw syndrome (Kimmel steel Wilson disease characterised by "Fibrin Cap" and " capsules drop " 2. Nodular sclerosis of the adherent and efferent articles 3 papollitis necroticans Clinically ; Earliest changes ; miicroalbuminuria ( less than 3oo mg ) in 24 hrs urine collection Increased albumin / creatinine ratio of urine . Later course indistinguishable from CKD. Renal biopsy is confirmatory , though not done usually for this sole purpose . ACE inhibitors have protective effect . Increased intraglomerlar pressure due to effete the arteriosclerosis constriction is the cause . ACE inhibitors act by dilating the efferent arterioles , thus decreasing the intra glomerular pressure and glomerulo tubular atrophy leading to CKD . Strict diabetic controls delays diabetic nephropathy .

Diabetic nephropathy is 2° Most Common cause for "Nephrotic Syndrome" In india Also for Chronic Kidney Dx. Retionapathy association with nephropathy too early detection By Microproteinurea on ACR Screening test For DM nephropathy should be done in 5 year after Dx by DM 1 & Every year for DM2

Nice ILLUSTRATION COMPLECATIONS OF long standing UNCONTROLLED D M are Diabetic RETINOPATHY Diabetic NEUROPathy D NEPHROPATHY D ARTHOPATHY D DERMOPATHY Peridintitis DEMENTIA ALZEMERS Diabetic foot Ulcer Sexual dysfunction Prone to C v s disorders C N s disorders In presence of NEPHROPATHY d retinopathy iscsever

Diabetic retinopathy......what treament ..... how to manage...

Diabetic NEPHROPATHY. Is fatal manifestation of diabetes which leads to kidney failure.and blindness.Excellent,health promorive,knowledge booster.thanks for EXPERT ability and Sharing.

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