Diabetic patient with eye condition

A 61 y/o male with a 16-year history of insulin-dependent DM having best corrected visual acuity was 6/60 in his right eye and counting fingers in the left. Intraocular pressure and the anterior chamber were normal in both eyes. Meticulous examination of the iris did not reveal any sign of iris neovascularization. Fundus examination revealed multiple microaneurysms, dot and blot hemorrhages. What else do you see?


NPDR WITH MACULAR EDEMA Strictly control of diabetes Regular fundus examination every 3months NEPAFENAC EYE DROPS 3 TIMES/DAY

Hard exudates cotton wool spots clinical significant macular edema with circinate retinopathy focal macular grid

Circinate retinopathy with clinically significant macular oedema

Circinate retinopathy with clinical significant macular oedema

Clinically significant macular oedema

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