Diabetic since2-3yrs, no HTN,no ankle edema,C/o breathlessness on walking some distence..



Anterior septal ischaemia i

Thank you sir

Also an X Ray. Chest .

Left axis deviation, T wave inversion in V1-V4, notching in aVL, V1 and V2, suggestive of anterior wall ischemia, degenerative or ischemic changes involving lt side conduction pathways, intra ventricular scaring all suggestive of coronary artery disease. Please do ECHO start with antiplatelet, Statin, nitrates, B blocker, ivabradine.

thank you sir

Sinus rhythm, regular, Axis LAD, LAFB RWP - poor, T inversion in V2 to V4, ST flattening in L2 L3 and aVF, small T wave in V5, V6. Anterior wall ischaemia. 2D-ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY, TMT, CAG, Serum Electrolytes, RFT, Lipid profile TFT, CBC, RBS

Thank you sir

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St changes with t √ in v1 to v3 ,? Old cadic event,do trop t to r/o acs ,if normal 2 d echo for ejection fraction rwma(because there is poor r wave progression in lat chest leads s/o muscle loss hence voltage)

Sir. Lahb in the ECG. Requires routine evaluation including hb, thyroid ,renal function tests. Echo . TMT. If positive. Coronary angiography.. v need to suspect silent mi

ECG. QRS Axis is on -40deree. LAD. LBBB. Low voltage ECG. Possibility Bi. Ventricular failure. Do 2D.ECHO.. RFT. TFT and LFT also.

ECG. Sinus Tachycardia. T wave flat in23 a fun ,inverted in v234. Requires Echo .

LAD,LAHB, Biphasic t waves in v2 - v4. Ant wall ischemia. ECHO, cardiac markers.

Should undergo trademill ecg and 2D echocardiography for diastolic dysfunction

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