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Tq all doc's...could be food allergy.child starts crying due to itch.

Diagnose da case doc's..a male child of2 yrs old.


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Start with sulphur 1m

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Please try to share some details history, may be urticaria

Is there any itching or pain?? It looks like miliaria(heat rash), Otherwise Sulphur may be helpful

Start with sulphur 1m

Sulphur 200

Rx Antim crude 200/3dose weekly

Sulphur 200 single dose Antim crud 6 TDs

Any other history?

Rx Sulphur 1m(hs) and Repeat after 1 month

Dx Urticaria Rx sulphur may indicated

It looks like heat rash... Plz share some more details about this case

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