Diagnose the condition after watching the video and suggest the management



Blunt trauma chest with flail chest Advised X-ray chest to look for fracture ribs ,pneumothorax or haemothorax .May require IPPV.

Lokks like a Flail chest.. needed bipap as splint in action..check for pneumothorax too

agree with you

Go for x Ray chest to rule out rib fractures &pneumothorax because of paradoxical breathing & chest flail and Tt accordingly.

Looks RCA mri brain & spine admit neurosurgeon opinion

It's flail chest.

FLAIL chest with paradoxical chest wall movement atleast 3 ribs # on either side

Flail chest, here the chest wall moves indipendently/opposite to movement of othe parts of chest due to usually multiple rib fracture

It is flail chest need x-ray of chest to rule out multiple fracture of ribs and pnuemothorax

Flail chest. Rule out pneumothorax or haemothorax. Also 2 D echo is required to rule out pericardial collection.


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