3 yrs eruption.no itching,no burning,

Diagnosis and treatment pls



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Diagnosis For Female Spot Picture Since All over Face & Nack Region Blackish Spot ~ Malesma. & Eczema. Rx Sulphur 1m Monthly 1dose X2month =2dose. * Sepia 200, Xbd weekly 1dose X1month = 4dose.

Melasma It may be due to hormonal changes Medicines like Sepia, Sulphur, Nat mur, Thuja etc are helpful. Please select the similimum according to constitution

Rx Sepia

Start with Sulphur 1m Followed by kali brom 200

Arsenic alb 30

Sulfur 1m

DX Malaesma RX Sepia 200 fortnightly × 3 dose

Rx Sulphur 1m(hs) and Sepia 200 BD

Rx-Sulphur 30od in morning Sepia 30bd

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