diagnosis n treatment itchy lesions with long standing history


sir for lichen planus pt should follow diaet along with panchakarma treatment max 6months treatment require for cure....yoga and pranayam exercise aling with ayurvedic diet must have to follow

its an lichen planus sir ...flat topped hyperpigmentated patches....pleaseprovide detail histoy ..it can be treated with ayurveda....

sir it require shaman as it is twak and ras dusti....it need shodhan treatment...vaman and virechan...

lichen planus

lichen planus

mahatiktakam ghrutam ointment for l.a vaifyaratnam pharma

which. Ayurvedic drugs r helpful n duration?

Looks like LP to me. Any other site of involvement?

sir i need detail history

cap.pesin 2tab bd jrk siddha phsrma

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