Diagnosis, Treatment

65year Female, Non Diabetic, Non Hypertensive No past medical history of any Disease Chief Complaints Sudden loss of consciousness 1 hr prior to admission, History No relevant Past medical history, Family History Vitals 130/80mmhg 78/min 97% on Room Air Temp Normal Spontaneous Breathing Physical Examination Bilateral Equally reactive Pupils Intermittently following the commands




Very poor history ! Not at all examination !!! Onset, duration, associated illness , gcs not available !!! Investigations is not going to give you diagnosis..!!! As far as this mri film is concerned, seem cystic mass at left parietooccipital area probably benign No perilesional edema..But mass effect is there..!! Look for serum Na. Fundus examination for any sign of raised ICT. Get neurosurgery opinion

Unconscious pt not responding is likely in coma Lesion seen 8n lt Occidental area is malignant?

Left occipital lobe hemorrhage Inj mannitol Nimotop Oro pharyngeal air way

arachnoid cyst meduloblastoma

Porencephalic Cyst

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