Diagnosis & Treatment?

24 yrs Head ache ,fever up and down,platelet down,vomitting,body pain,unable to walk


Image shows vesiculobullous eruption over bilateral arms & upper trunk. Need detailed drug history prior to onset of skin lesions. Duration of skin lesions? Any mucosal involvement? D/D - drug reaction / staphylococcal scaled skin syndrome. / bullous ICD Herpes zoster is less likely unless patient is immunocomprimised. (multidermatomal, bilateral involvement seen here)

? HZV .. ? ICD ..

Looks like Herpes Zoster

@ herpes zoster

Herpez Zoster Tab Herpikind 800 Qid Tab Augmentin 625 BD Tab Levoctrizne BD Cap Becosule Z OD Herpikind cream

Surge Weber syndrome

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