Diagnosis & Treatment plz. Frequently appearing with alternating sides. Occasionally c/po pain with irritation, disappears itself since 6months

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this is meibomian cyst.. needs a puncture with 26 G needle.. basically the patient was MGD with blocked meibomian ducts.. ask patient to do 1. Hot fermentation 2 lid massage with eye ointment arithromycin 1 % so that the glands open up and secrete the meibum normally.

Meibomian cyst with infection : Rx : puncture the pus point with needle &, drain the pus out. Prescribe topical antibiotic drops ; & oral antibiotic & Nsaids .

Chalazion squeeze between thumb and fore finger ciplox eye oint ibubrufen

Mostly Chalazion.. Since its recurrent rule out astigmatism / hyperopia .. Needs full refractive correction if present ..

Stye, check refractive error.

Chalazion Needs incision and evacuation


?chalazion (internal) ?meibomian cyst

Check her eye sight and give correction. Constant rubbing off eyes, in order to ,or trying to correct the vision , leads to infection. Chalazion or internal hordiolum

infected chalazion whic spontaneously rupture. to reccr again later

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