• Opium Q - 2 drops, Alstonia Q - 5 drops, Aqua - 1 oz - mix them. This is a quantity. Give four units daily. • Epicac 30–2 Bund, Podophyllum 30–2 Bund, Opium Q - 4 Bund, Naxvomica 30–1 Drop, Lycopodium 30–1 Drop, Aqua-2 Ounce - Mix these. These are two units. In this way, give four units daily. • Sulfur 30-2 drops, Epicac 6-3 drops, Podophyllum 6-3 drops, Alstonia Q - 15 drops, Aqua - 2 ounces - mix them. These are six units. Six units should be given daily. It is beneficial in children's diarrhea. . Chamomilla 30, Merck Cor 30, China 30, Camphor 6x, Croton Tig 6X, Colocynth 6X, Pretiola 6x, Lororesiras 6X - all add 5 to 5 drops. Mixing three drops of this medicine with a little fresh water and giving it four or five times daily is beneficial in the symptoms of diarrhea like watery, thin and yellow-green diarrhea, swelling in the intestines, heat diarrhea etc. • Aloe Soak 30, China 30 - Take two to three drops of water and mix in a cup of water. This is a quantity. Giving four times daily is beneficial in thin stools and weakness. Medication may be given as soon as needed

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