Difference between scabies, dermatitis, manze, eczema, pruritus etc...?


Mange sarcoptic(scabies) or due to decided is due to mites Eczema is localised infection usually due to gram positive bacteria along with severe body reaction Pruritis is referred to as soon itching that may be due to any reason &dermatitis is inflammation of skin (technical term) SO FOR UNDERSTANDING ALL THESE WE VE TO GO BACK TO BASICS

Thank you doctor

With differ etiology its a Total Dermatitis may be Fungal,Bacterial,Parasitic,Viral or may be Allergic And Hypersensivity.due to protein,

I think all r in skin disease...but in medicine, companies are doing much med on it.some companies only on skin med...in my experience that allopathy medicine not doing honestly, rather tan ayurveda but homeopathy is the best med.cheaper,affordable,not repeat the case.SKIN DROPS,MANGE DROPS in month course will recover ur patient & not repeat for some 8 month( diets restriction) ...thank all