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Typhidot test has 60% specificity Which means that those having Typhidot test positive have 60% chances of having typhoid and 40% chances of having other diseases Low specificity makes differential diagnosis wide open Differential diagnosis Alcohol intake Viral fever Hepatitis - A,B,C,E Alcoholic hepatitis Heart failure Autoimmune hepatitis Typhoid fever Wilson disease Hemochromatosis Drug induced Poisoning Etc

Look for Enteric fever Hepatitis Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver Liver abcess Viral hepatitis Dengue Adv: hepatic viral panel Dengue USG upper abd ALKP GGT CRP

IgM TyphiDot +ve is certainly a c/o enteric fever Deranged LFTS with sr bilirubin 2mg is a bacterial hepatitis

Hepatitis mostly indicated and with viral infections. Also liver disease with heart, brain, kidney disease.

Enteric fever Infective hepatitis

R/0 cardiac causes Obstructive jaundice Malaria Viral hepatitis

Hepatitis ? Viral non specefic

Liver cirrhosis Typhoid fever