Differential please...and likely cause if it can be identified from the image. Primi at 18 weeks , came with USG findings suggestive of the above features....mid trimester abortion done.



B+ blood group n primi less likely to b Rh immunised preg.. features r more likely of sub cutaneous edema.. if USG or autopsy shows excess fluid in cavities then its non immune hydrops.. get TORCH done..

non immune hydrops.....eliciting detailed maternal history would be helpful. could be due to certain maternal infection like parvovirus or due to certain chronic maternal illness.

Non immune hydrops fetalis

Rh isoimmunisation,severe congenital heart disease,autoimmune disorder like SLE or APLA syndrome,congenital syphilis in fetus,rarely TORCH grp of infection ,Trisomy

non immune hydrops fetalis due to either some infection or chromosomal abnormalities

From pic it appears hydrops fetalis. Atoupsy may reveal exact cause.

Hydrops fetalis ( ? immune Hydrops).

it's non immune hydrops fetalis

H/o hydrops foetalis probably

Hydrops fetalis is an excess accumulation of fluid in the fetus. Depending on the severity and cause of hydrops, there may be edema of fetus and placenta, ascites, pleural effusions and/or pericardial effusions. most cases of hydrops were caused by severe erythroblastosis fetalis secondary to Rh iso- immunization . With the marked decrease in this condition (due to prophylaxis with immune globulin), most cases of hydrops fetalis are now caused by other conditions and are known as non-immune hydrops

Amniotic band syndrome

hydrops foetalis

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