Difficult patient of Chronic Constipation with ?HTN(White Coat HTN)

A 60 year old male is under treatment had reported with complaints of straining on defecation and feeling of incomplete evacuation He is in a constant fear of loosing life and very anxious that what will happen to him and when he will be completely fine Management Current treatment - Prussent 1mg Arkamin 0.1 HS Nervee CD3 HS Dytor Plus 10 1/2 tab OD Daxid 50 Cloze 0.25 HS Cap Pantop D OD BBF Tab Pan 40 After present treatment, his constipation has improved, but now he complaints of dry mouth which is due to arkamin, as well as altered taste, decreased appetite Another concern is whenever he visits, his BP is in range of 180/96, I have asked him to get his BP done in morning when he gets up at home How to tackle such tough patient?


chronic constipation have u tried ichcha bhedi rasa and rule out causes of sever constipation colonoscopy and barium meal for any obstruction

Tablet Pan D BD Tablet telmisartan 40+Cilnidipine 10 Od Tablet Clonazepam 0.5+Escitalopram10 HS Syp Aristozyme 2tsf tds Softovac powder 1/2 tsf HS Avoid heavy meals Proper exercise and consume more water

Patient must evequet bladder.he must relax for 15 minutes ina chair. Bp must be taken in sitting and lying down potion.

Increase dose of clon by ,0.25


Lactulose Anxiolytic Fibers, plenty of water Investigation- blood sugar, colonoscopy

Syp cremaffin,tab Amlong 5 mg bd

I agreed with dr ankush

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