Difficulty in concentration

15 years old female has complain of difficulty in concentration She has Cold hands and feet. Body built lean and thin Poor appetite and digestion. Pain in legs and weakness. Early morning weakness. Excessive urination . Menses- normal no other complaint On investigation-Hb-9.8 mg/dl Please suggest medicine for weakness.




Patients seems to have psychosomatic disorder. Counselling, assurance and high nutritional food with medication is recommended.

Prayers , meditation.. brain is at peace with fresh air inhalation techniques...under supervision of Doctor,, walnuts blue berries sunshine ginger walk cherries berries apricots dates figs raisins apricots sprouts kalijeeri almond without skin... pistachios, muskmelon, yellow banana, cauliflower,apple....starch and protein balance...Vit.ACE...as mentioned... Iceberg lettuce...raw tomatoes

Dear Dr. Chandrika Kumar, Advice for the case. Tab. Navayss Lauh 1 tds. Chyavanprashavleh with Swarna Vasant Malti tds.

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Rx Carboveg 30Xbd * Ferum Met 30 Xbd. *Alfalfa 0 ( 10drops Xbd after Meal times 1/2 an hour.

Sy.Amyron 10ml twice. Tab Arogyavardhini 2-0-2 Tab Mentat DS 2-0-2

I think patient anxiety Main hai। mental symptoms aur clear kijiye।

Alfa alfa

Rx Nux vomica30 tds for 15 days K.P6x tds for 15 days

Dr,u can give Ashwgandarisht, balarisht ,mooslipak,youvanamrit vati for weakness,chaysnprash is helpful..

Ard kurma 10 gm TID Hab e Asgandha BD Jawarish e jalinos OD Sharbat e foulad 15 ml TID Majoun e Ammla BD Sharbat e bazuri 10 ml BD Intake increase Dry fruits and 100 ml BD Bed rest daily exercise 30 mints walking

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