Discoloration of toes.

28 year old female with C/0 spontaneous discoloration of her toes. Aside from this, she does not have additional complaints. No history of systemic disease, and she denies illicit drug use. She denies recent fever, night sweats, cough, diarrhea, or loss of taste or smell. Examination reveals a reddish-purple discoloration of all toes.

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Dx ? Unfit foot wear/bite caused due to the material foot wear made of. Rx Coconut oil e/a Change foot wear

Sulphur 200

Because of Tight Footwear's. Wear light and losse Footwears. Application of Karpoor Coconut oil.

Needs pathological investigation to evaluate the cause.

Beetroot paalak bhaji...lime juice turmeric powder paste,cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval orange lemon lemongrass decoction carrots sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet pomegranates

Dx- Chilblains Adv warm wrap over the area, wear cotton socks, calamine lotion can be applied, also the body should be kept warm.

Ask to wear a loose footwere ,ask to apply coconut oil... Here.. In medication part... Arnica can work i think


Rx Nat.mur , Silicea.

Reynaud's phenomenon? Peripheral vasculitis?

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