Distinguishing The Signs & Symptoms of COVID-19 from Acute Lyme Disease

As we are living through this COVID-19 era, be aware that spring and summer are the time that ticks are most active. Although many of the early “flu-like” symptoms of acute Lyme disease and COVID-19 are similar, there are important distinctions to be aware of. VC: Johns Hopkins Rheumatology

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Yes salient differences are many times have been posted on the portal As common cold /flue like ILI/covid19 Running nose sneezing are more common in frequency in other two than covid19 Fever dysponea or breathlessness most important symptoms of covid19 than rest off where temp if comes is gradual and h/o breathlessness and dysponea There are many more symptoms to discuss And now covid19 is presenting in variables so difficult to stick to symptomology

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