Do all symptomatic covid patient have low lymphocytes ?


No but most of shows lymphopenia

Thanx dr Mahananda

Lymphopenia has now become an important biomarker for COVID-19 disese as also Eosinopenia. Most of the patients with symptomatic disease have lymphopenia .An incidence of more than 80 % is reported. Although in asymptomatic patients- incidence is less. Patients of COVID-19 disease with lymphopenia and levels of less 15 % in DLC have 3 fold risk of developing severe COVID-19 Pneumonia

No ratio gives at least of doubt of sarscov2 then we can confirm with RT PCR clia Hrct paed group ratio of lyumhocytes are more Nutrophil to lyumhocytes 1 /4 then significant

Lymphopenia is usually there, there can be always exception to the rule. Cause must be looked for.

Not necessary But usually those who complicated have definite lymphopenia

Not a thumb rule. But yes, NLR should be more than 3 is a safe ratio.

Yes in most cases..

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