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Do you find any significant findings in ECG? Pt turned hypoxic suddenly and Spo2 fallen to 80% at night. In evening till 10 pm pt was completely fine and turned hypoxic at 2 am. Later was intubated and death was declared due to ARDS at around 4.50 am. Pt had mild covid-19 with well controlled symptoms. Confused is death due to MI, pulmonary embolism or covid 19. Pt was devoid of LMWH.



Difficult to comment May be secondary covid

Difficult to comment. May be sudden Pulmonary Embolism

Yes Dr.Sanjay right pulmonary embolism patients mostly find

Probably due to pulmonary embolism patient was suddenly desaturating caused by COVID 19.

Pl read as SOB

T waves looking Tented => Hyperkalaemia Is apossibloty -----> ventricular tachy arrhythmias ------> Heart failure ----+ SON & cardiac arrest >

Ecg is WNL Happy Hypoxia is the cause

ST segment elevation can indicate ischemia . Cardio respiratory complications are reported in covid 19 recovered pts may be secondary effects. Needs ICU and further investigation and evaluation to conclude.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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ECG is inconclusive to reach the cause of death

St-t elevation in V2V3 &V4 Suggest subendocardial ischimia May secondary to covid

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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