Seasonal influenza vaccine during Covid19 phase



I would recommend annual flu vaccine It is very important, because Covid 19 weakens immune system Those who get Covid 19, can also get coinfected with influenza Post Covid Severe influenza infection is known Therefore it's very important to protect against influenza, during Covid 19 Pandemic

Yes, in this pandemic, above 60yr or patients of Lungs disease like Bronchial asthma or any other Should get Influenza Vaccine, so Immune system develop and prevention from other infections

Infuenza vaccine during covid 19 phase is somewhat helpful to someextent since it is viral vaccine give immunity for 1yr.till covid19 vaccine make it avaiable. Now a days USA made influenza vaccine practise got good acceptance.

Yes I will recomend. There is no harm in giving under present circumstances of COVID pandemic. Few cases showed improvement after giving flu vaccine in covid cases ,no exact data is available to support this.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

Yes definitely aged more then 60 yr Or asthmatic copd pt Foreign compulsory Beneficial try bcg or MMR vaccine also

100% agreed n should recommend for everyone to get flu shot.

No at least i don't advise

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

Yes I recommend annual Flu vaccine.

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