Doctor's Day | 1st July 2020

We appreciate our Doctors for their round the clock service. But Appreciation cannot be one day event. Doctors should be appreciated throughout the year. On this Doctor's day share your story with us!!



Inspiration is no doubt important for becoming a doctor . But it is the destiny which makes you doctor - Because there are many persons who are more inspirational and intelligent than you - but could not become doctor . That is why I always thank God for his blessings which made me enter in this profession. As I was in final and fourth semester of M.SC ( chemistry) in Jammu University- when a letter from competent authority reaches my residence to join G.MC , Jammu to join by next day - otherwise your selection will be cancelled. It was in August 1982 . To my dismay - I could not believe- as I had not applied for M.B.BS in last 2 years . In fact - a writ petition was going on in first high court and later shifted to Supreme Court. This writ was regarding abolition of 15 marks of entrance examination.While Court decided to abolish 15 marks for interview and treat 85 marks of written examination as equivalent to 100 marks . Also court also to consider candidates to appeared in written examination in last 3 years and prepare a new selection list . And by God 's grace I had appeared in 3rd preceding batch and hence selected. So - I always see destiny as the most important factor of your becoming doctor

You are right Boss

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Destiny make me doctor and I am enjoying every bit of my profession as a govt medical officer and as private practitioner , my career of more than 35 yrs or so was very exciting and challenging I had enjoyed it fully and enjoying it with no regrets , every parents want his son or daughter ( if he or she good in studies ) to be a doctor .a noble and satisfactory profession ,if you are not running a rat race. Happy doctors day , long live your unity and fraternity. Wishing all a happy and healthy life. Stay safe .

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

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Happy Doctor's day to everyone. As a saying: Medicine cures diseases but only doctor can cure patient.

Happy Doctors day

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Happy doctors day

Familial pressure...I wanted to be a family was like MBBS/ I ended up doing MDS and after that I don't know when did I developed the feelings of being a soldier to the country, to live and die for the same... that part is not known to me... now it's like my nation & my duty comes first... rest doesn't comes only...

Good one doc soldier

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Honestly, I didn't want to be a doctor in the first place l'll be honest here. My inspiration for becoming a doctor (to be) comes in a whole jam packed recipe (not a single person:) ), which includes, Bucket full of childhood dreams, Mug full of inspiration from my mother and my family, A cup of society recommendations and taunts and finally; a pinch of selfish future plans!! I causally had many times said, T'll be a doctor, when I grow up', during my childhood days; but who would've thought I would actually end up being in this profession! Growing up I had bizarre career plans, ranging from an artist, singer, chef, to a astronaut, writer and what not! It's my mom. No she isn't a doctor! But still the only person who carved a beautiful path for me was her. I have a really unpopular opinion, that, parents know what's best for their children and they should decide their child's career and future. Deep down, every parent does know their child's interests, passion and capabilities. Also, I do know that not every parent is understanding but I am lucky to have one. She is the one who has always told me that I was born to save lives! She always encourages me to work hard. She knows that I am an emotionally sensitive person and I care a lot about people. She is my support system. I know I haven't achieved anything significant in life yet, but whatever I have achieved, it was all possible because of her. She always knew that I had a hidden doctor and a writer in me. She was the one who encouraged me to write here, and she is always the first one to read my answers and some poems or short stories which I write. I love her the most and I am thankful to her, as for shaping my future so perfectly and always being my inspiration. 2013 to 2018 And finally, I knew; I was at the right place. Now, after a year as a medical student, obviously it's overwhelmingly beautiful to see, that your parents are proud, family gives you a 'little' more respectO, aunties don't talk about my career any more, patients look upto us as professionals, plus new born babies no longer seem gross! Summing up, I had no such 'inspiration' thing, but a lot of factors to help me end up here! Thanks!

It's my 20yrs/two decades�(27 may 2000 -27 may 2020 )�of my journey in the field of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE The NATURAL form of medicine as knowledge gained from my B.Sc in Medicinal Botany where the syllabus comprising medicinal herbs, pharmacognosy preparation of gritha, thila, churna extraction�of volatile oil- The Essential oils �THIS Made me to work on my thesis to Ph.D in Medicinal Aromatherapy. � As my grandfather�who was jr engineer in Mysore state department.was also a practitioner ofHomoeopathic medicine where he learnt from bahola laboratory. during my child hood days used to see those homoeopathic �books during my summer vacation. when I came across the Medicinal Botany and homoeopathic book both mentioned the same herbs like thorn apple with Medicinal properties and potency trituration made me more curious. And my HoD patron awarded D.Sc from the same University where I got my Doctor of medicine and philosophy. Attended more than 25 international conference with more then 12 gold medal �more Awards �Vedic BanarasHindu University �,� consolation prize for posters Green chemistry and technology symposium organised by ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY�&�Delhi University� .in Rajasthan ICYN Ayush department , National Physical Laboratory �posters on integrative natural medicine , Presented published scientific papers, with some milestone accolades�With honourary doctorates. MD(MA),Ph.D(medicinal aromatherapy) � D.Sc.{(honoris causa )doctor of science} D.litt(litt.D) for yeomen service �

It was not an inspiration rather I never wanted to become a doctor. I used to hate the subject I had the intension to become an engineer. I was so called a good student in my school days. When I appeared in HS exam in 1964 appeared appeared joint entrance for admission in IIT and Bengal joi t entrance examination and I got selected but I did not get admitted due to my family financial problem. I was waiting for Jadavpur University as selection was on HS result and medical admision was also on mark basis of HS exam but HS result absolutely turned my fate of 180 degree. lapplied for medical but I did not bother to the list wheather I was selected or not I continued in degree course with honours in physics.. My HS result is still a mystery to year I appeared for IIT joint and Bengal joint but did not succeed. and I did not applied for medical in usual schedule last date but applied on last date extended for 7 days as usual I did not go to see the list of selection . But it was destined for me be doctor from that particular year it has started to inform by post and one fine morning I got the letter of selection in MBMS course in NRS medical college and got admitted but I got inspired after completion and while I was doing house job I started to love the subject and still today just pulling on.

I was always a naughty and less studious student during my school time. I remember the day when my elder brother secured top rank in state board exams and every one right from media, relatives and other local politicians were visiting our home felicitating him and no one was even bothered whether I am there or not. I remember when one the news channel reporter asked my brother what u want to to become in future and he immediately replied, "a Doctor". Somewhere in my mind it was echoing that I should do something that people should also consider my value. And them the journey began. Brother joined MBBS, followed by my sister and then myself. I never turned back in this lovely profession where u relieve others pain and make them happy. Now everyone in my family is a doctor except mom dad. But they are the ones who devoted everything to make our lives successful. So they are the real winners. I enjoyed my journey from a MBBS to becoming a Plastic surgeon (from the premier institute of India). I wish every doctor from the entire fraternity a very Happy Doctor's Day. Stay safe stay well!

I got inspiration from my nabourhood senior who joined medical college when I was in class 10.I was very much inspired from that senior as I was too brilliant student and determined for medical entrance preparation. When I cleared my medical entrance test that was very pleasurable and surprise moment for me and my whole family.Everyone was so happy to see my roll number in news paper. Thank God I was the single girl in my whole group who appeared in test.Now , I am a successful Doctor having our three nursing homes. This is very important for me as I am from non medico background. There are so many supports of my family and of course almighty that's why I am here as a successful practitioner in my own nursing home.

I'm Allopathic practitioner and did MBBS from Darbhanga medical college.

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