Doctor’s opinion on world-first Corona vaccine by Russia



Definitely- Russia has developed a Corana vaccine- named SPUTNIK - V1 - comparable to 1957 launch of first world satellite - SPUTNIK in space and became the first country in the world to do that .Also it the first country to launch COVID-19 vaccine. Although mass production of vaccine will start in 2 weeks time and many countries including India have given orders for the purchase of vaccine. But - point of concern is that Russia have not shared trials and research papers of the vaccine with the world and have stared only the results of Ist trial and will share results of second trial Although third human trial is going on . Russia is also a mysterious country like China,and we may have to keep the fingers crossed for 1- 2 months- till the 3rd trial is also over . As india requires - the vaccine doses in crores .So indian govt .should have waited before giving orders for the vaccine

Thank you doctor

Apparently a political stunt by Mr.Putin, but failed to impress the scientific community. Recommendation by WHO & Indian authority was very important but they don't find it eligible enough to even discuss about it...

Sir good news to know but it will great news when India announced that. But as of now I forgot that m a doctor but as a human being I want to come back to normal situation. I cannot go see hug touch my very own family . Everyday people came and telling this telling that no money no rice no dal .my heart is broken. I wish this so call virus off away. Vaccine or no vaccine let it go away so we can live life normally everyone of us.thank u

Thank you doctor

It is a hope of ray.

Very encouraging news Delhi bohat door hai

Good news for humankind

There is no doubt RUSSIA has developed a vaccine but as we all know Russia hasn't shared and scientific data of it . Also it's stage 3 clinical trials were not complete.

Definitely good news for everyone

Good news for us but third human trial is going on

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