Doctors are paying heavy price!!

Doctors and other healthcare workers are paying a heavy price for doing their jobs on the frontline. Despite taking all the precautions, it is still getting difficult for them to treat the patients and keeping themself and their families safe. Apart from the risk of infection, they are also dealing with anxiety, being separated from their families, harassment and even assault. What are your thoughts on this? How can doctors protect themselves and how others can contribute to that?



The mind set of Indians need to be changed. Our society have become selfish over a period of time since independence. We have not been able to enculcate patriotism in our people. Since our society is divided on religious, caste , linguistic, regional factors- we have not developed as a nation .Countries like Israel, Japan, China, South Korea and western countries have been able to develop patriotism amongst citizens .That is why for better monetary gains , our doctors have settled in USA , Arab countries and European countries. COVID- 19 pandemic is a reflection of our society. That india is unique in that it is the only country in the world where Corona warriors including doctors, paramedics are getting maltreated, assaulted and getting inhuman treatment from our society. In other countries- they are welcomed as heroes. It will take some time for things to change- may be the new legislation of punishment including jail up to 7 years for assault on doctors will help. May be now govt .spends more in health sector than previously - Will help in things to improve Doctors themselves can do nothing as they are at receiving end THANKS

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It is really hard to practice in clinic as maximum people in India don't understand self distancing and also they are anxious over this virus,esp in slums. There is no ppe kit,n 95 mask or infrared thermometer hence we become infected easily

Yes doctor it is hard to work in this situation

In indian medical fraternity it is unfortunate that our seniors never complaints or demand of their juniors , they want you to obey orders or wants desired results without giving you any protection in any manner ,powers and duties are the two aspect of every service. Govt or seniors remind us our duties without giving power. Even our toothless national medical body can't here our plight they are busy in work of omission and commission. We are working round the clock with or without proper safety gadget even physical assault will be on us and we give a call of action against perpetrators get assurance that all. Now a bill drafted in favour of us but like other section of law , justice delayed justice denied. We never stands unitedly due to some vast intrest therefore we so called second God will remain on loosing time on every aspect of life. If you about yourself ,your family and friends ,you must stand united and show the authorities that we are more strong physically as in case mentally. My personal views , opinion may defer from person to person or dr to doctor.

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

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Health care worker are in contact with active or carrier pt probality increase if vaccination available they are the person must provide them good ppe senitization hand wash social distancing i do telli medicine 64 yr hypertension prediabetic

Yes as you say Health workers and Dr. are doing the best but not safe. Protocols are not followed due to shortage of masks and kits at places. They're given extra duties. The Dr. and staff should be given all protections and necessary materials

Yes sir right. I agree

This is unfortunate, our health care officials were unaware about the virulence and communicablity of the Covid19 and we are paying for this ignorance....

Health workers should understand and take care of themselves distancing washing hands frequently avoid touching patients and of course PPE kit and mask to be provided to all health workers

I agree with you, Dr. Parveen Yograj. Sir, you are right,,

The present system of beaurocrats heading highly specialised department is the root cause of the problem. They don't have proper knowledge being ordinary graduate full of ego. High time we have Indian Medical Services with support staff . At present you can find DM in full proection gear and Doctors covering face with handkerchief due to lack of Protective equipment. All medicos should unite and fight for Indian Medical Services if we want self respect and live a dignified life.

Agree@ Dr Parveen Yograj.

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