Dog bite 3 days back presented to ED having complaints of pain.H/o of fever with vomitting.How to manage?



Looks Wet Gangrene/ Necrotising Fascitis. Surgery 100% needed along with high antibiotics. Tetglob and anti rabies Rx to be given empirically. Rule out gas Gangrene & an uncontrolled diabetic state. A color Doppler to check the arterial tree. Other intensive care as the scenario.

Necrotising fascitis Start tetglob with anti rabies vaccine . Check viability of tissue and get vascular surgeons opinion . Get doppler scan done for Limb . Do good fluid resuscitation .

Fever, Cellulitis and Vomiting. R/O DKA. Surgial debridement. Higher antibiotics.Specific treatment of dog bite. Antirabies Immunoglobulin is warranted.

very worst presentation.... May be pt is diabetic.... Admission. higher antibiotics. anti rabies antibodies can be given within 72 hrs. inj rabipur all 5 doses. inj tetglob. debridement and dressing under aneasthesia on day first. Daily dressing and sos skin grafting after proper granulation tissue is developed.

Necrotising Fascitis. Along with Antirabic vaccine and serum start parenteral antibiotics inj Piperacillin 4gms + Tazobactum 500 mg BD for 5days followed by oral antibiotics. Give Tetglob 500 units. Start i v line and fluid resuscitation. Debridement required till healthy viable granulation tissue appears to prevent amputation.

Necrotising soft tissue infection after dog bite give TIG rabies immunoglobulin treat with b lactum antibiotics...with anaerobic coverage....cefoxitin is drug of choice here along metronidazole and clindamycin along appropriate surgical management adv arterial doppler c/s

Local wound cleaning thoroughly. Local RIG after TD. Admission for observation. Antibiotics and symptomatic treatment for fever. Start a full course of ARV.

This pt. Is hvng necrotizing fascitis with wet gangrene. Give TT, anti rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin. Needs debridement/ fasciotomy. Send blood and wound c/s. Check CBC ,lft and rft. He may land into aki or sepsis related deranged lfts. Give I.v fluids, antibiotics like clindamycin/ metro meropenem and other supportive measures

Severe cellulitis tetglob and send BLD culture and urine culture

Necrotizing fscitis.Do fasciotomy and in the absence of bleeding of underlying tissue a guillotine amp. Is to be done

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