Anxiety related Desaturation

Dr Rabindra Narain Singh , who has been honored with Padhmaa shree. He was diagnosed to TVD and Critical LMD. CABG was done and No adverse effect. On Pod 4th, he got sudden SOB , reflecting to spo2 88%


Many things can contribute to or be affected by anxiety, including: certain illnesses medications alcohol consumption coffee consumption hormones Other medical conditions can cause symptoms that resemble anxiety. Many anxiety symptoms are physical, including: racing heart shortness of breath shaking sweating chills hot flashes chest pain twitching dry mout nausea vomiting diarrhea frequent urination You may perform a physical exam and order a variety of tests to rule out medical conditions that mimic anxiety symptoms. Medical conditions with similar symptoms include: heart attack angina mitral valve prolapse tachycardia asthma hyperthyroidism adrenal gland tumors menopause side effects of certain drugs, such as drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders withdrawal from certain drugs, such as those used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders substance abuse or withdrawal Diagnostic tests It’s suggested that you complete a self-assessment questionnaire before other testing. This can help you decide whether you may have an anxiety disorder or if you may be reacting to a certain situation or event. If your self-assessments lead you to believe that you may have an anxiety disorder, your doctor may then ask you to take a clinical assessment or conduct a structured interview with you. You may use one or more of the following tests to assess your level of anxiety.

Needs urgent hospitalisation

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