Dr Sarfraz

A 52 male patient chief complaint chest pain with sweating and nausea for two days



Ecg-shows ST elevation in 1st and avl and v1to v6 chest leads. Dx-extensive anterior MI. Immediate icu admission . Tt as per protocol.

NSR, Sinus tachycardia Acute Anterior wall MI and lateral wall MI Tropnin, thrombolysis, angio

Raised st segment in lead 1, avL, V2, v3 ,v4 v5 , V6 with reciprocal changes in 2nd 3rd avF suggestive of extensive anteriolateral wall mi possibility of blockage of LCA adv start anticoagulation therapy immediately and do angiography followed by angioplasty or bypass surgery as per blockage in angiography

Extensive Anterior wall Myocardial Infarction. Relavant investigations,hospitalisation and management.

ACUTE STEMI/ACS ST ELEVATION IN L1 avl and all chest leads AWMI

Acute anterior lateral wall MI with ST elevation in L1 & avL lead with v2 to v6 lead Ttoponin t will be positive with cpk_ MB will be raised & thromblosyed will be done

Anterolateral wall MI

Acute Antero-lateral wall MI with Reciprocal changes.. Need CAG f/by Angioplasty.. Give Loading dose first..

Thank you doctor


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