Dryness of Scalp

36 year/male Complaint of dryness in scalp with white flakes since 2 years Itching+++ Aggravation- dry weather, after bathing Better by oiling Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- sour things Aversion- no Stool, urine- normal Thermals- Hot He is married. No stress Pure vegetarian Religious Loves his work- own garment shop Likes company irritable consolation ameliorates Suggest Treatment Doctors



Too much thinking...home people should support him... walnuts blue berries sunshine walk prayers ginger little garlic...no vyasan...fudina,currypatta..lime juice on scalp..to leave it to dry.. lime juice to drink also...dates,figs.. under strict supervision of Doctor.

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb

Dryness, Itching, aggravation after bath, religious, hot pt . so the indicating medicine is Sulphur. Please think about it


कायाकल्प तेल की सिर पर मालिश करें। अगले दिन सुबह को मुल्तानी मिट्टी से सिर धोएं। यह कार्य लगातार रोजना एक माह तक करें। निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा। योग परिक्षित है।

Dx Seborrheic Dermatitis ??? Rx Nat.mur

brihad manjishthadi kashay syrup 15ml BD Khadir powder half teaspoon BD Amyron tab 2BD Goliy ghnavti 1bd for 1 Month, local application : cutis cream/ mahamarichyadi oil nad aloe vera gel

Seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrhic dermetitis Rx Medo 1m stat Thuja 30 bd Nat mur 200 od

Sepia 30daily one dose

sul. is medicine dry scalp itching agg bathing sour desire hot

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