Dryness of Scalp with Dandruff

27 years Female Complaint of dryness in scalp since 8 months with white flakes Itching++ Aggravation- dry weather, after bathing Better by oiling Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- no Aversion- sweets Stool, urine- normal Thermals- hot menses- normal likes company, helpful can't bear contradiction Suggest Treatment Doctors




If nature good no ailments... humility..I m nothing you and he are all.... contentment is continuous feast...needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice...ginger every half hour....no vyasan.. alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages.....lime juice on scalp ..no shampoo....aritha...shikakai...Medicare soap....no thinking...to use intuitive brain... benefits and multiply with use... Prayers... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval... dandruff means not accepting the way life is...home people should take care of her... search of security and love for happiness....dawn prayer of self realisation...guava figs raisins apricots dates pomegranates cucumber sprouts kalijeeri.. citrus fruit lemongrass decoction carrots....under strict supervision of Doctor

Trichup oil locally and capsules orally. Trichup shampoo for hair wash. Rule out for malnutrition and poor hygiene.

रोगी के बालों में रुसी है। चिकित्सा,,,, कायाकल्प तेल की सिर पर मालिश करें। सुबह को मुल्तानी मिट्टी से सिर धोएं। यह कार्य लगातार रोजना एक सप्ताह तक करें। निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा। योग परिक्षित है।

Dx Seborrheic Dermatitis ??? Rx Nat.mut

Aggravation after bathing, hot pt, itching, scalp is dry, so the indicating medicine is Sulphur

Tab. Triphala BD Tab. Gandhak rasayan vati BD Syp. Khadirarishta Mahabringhraj oil...

Rx. Giloy ghanvati 1 BD Ashwgandha tab 2 BD Shunthi himej tab 2 BD cleansing shampoo : nyle or patanjali _ coconut milk protein shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo : patanjati / nyle hair oil Atrey Hair care oil or bhrungraj oil

Medorrhinum 1m one dose fortnightly

Wash with denial shampoo and apply Daniel oil Gandhak rasayan +takzema b.d Raktsodhak 20ml b.d before meal b.d

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