Due to non hygiene this kind of infection occurs at anal,perinial

due to non hygiene this kind of infection occurs at anal,perinial region and also on scrotum. severe itching. plz dx and Rx.



Affected Part Should Wash With Decoction Of Triphala Alum Hairidra And Freshly Crush Neemb Patra Followed By Application Of Cutis Cream Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu Gandhak Rasayan Aarogyavardhini Vati Mouktika Kaamdudha Rasa Avipattikar Churna Mahamanjishthadi Quatham

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Irrigate with neembhadi kada or triphala kwath ghandhaka rasayan tds guduchi ghan vati and avipattikar churana and apply mahamarichyadi tailam

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आयुर्वेद में इसे ददरु मंडल कहते हैं। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, गंण्डोरिकदम् तैल लगाने से लाभ होगा।

Sulphur 200 early in morning,, Croton - tig 200 + Graphities 200 two times in a day ,, Silecia 10M at night... Diet restriction are..... Rice & curd made things....

Dear doctor, this is a case of nappy rash (fungal infection) Ointment Trichoderma topical cream along with Himalay's Antiseptic cream applying will reduce the problem.

Wash with warm water with subhra, Neempatrak n aply somrajitail ,Marichyadi teil,Neemteil , Neempatrak churn n Amala churn mixed n with cowghrita of empty stomuck morning.

Intertrigo. ?

affected part clean properly with triphala kwath gandharasayan vati 2bd aarogyabardhini vati kadhirati vati 2bd rashodhak vati locally nimba kalka

Fungal infection may be taken as madal kusth.. Panchvalkal + sphtika kwath prakshalanarth then gandhak malhar l/a manjisthdi ghan vati 2 bd +aarogyavardhni 2bd+ keshor gu 2bd

Dadrumandal Giloysatva Gandhak rasayan 500/250mg twice Marichyadi chalmogra tail local

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