Homoeopathy-All In One.

DULCAMARA in Warts Homoeopathy the name when we hear about, the image of some sweet glubules automatically come into our mind and that we call it “Meethi Goli wali dawa”( sweet glubules medicines). But the fact is that it is just “Meethi Goli wali dawa” or more than that? Or what are the hidden facts about this pathy which is the world’s 2nd largest practising mode of medicine. Homoeopathy is the pathy which was discovered by a physician of existing system of medicine( Old School of Medicine) in the year 1796. And the great discoverer was Christian Federic Samual Hahnemann. What a genious person Hahnemann was because to bring a new system of medicine amongs the exisisting system of medicine needs a creative ability and Hahnemann had it. Today world is facing COVID-19 pandemic situation and world is trying to find out the vaccine to immunise the infected persons but still a big question is there wether it would completely vanish or not? But this unique pathy is the only front fighter pathy against the COVID-19. So, Homoeopathy can treat each and every kind of disease if it is treatable under the medical circumstances. That’s why I always say “Homoeopathy-All In One.” So, here I will discuss how this beautiful pathy can treat the diseased condition of human beings. So, today I will discuss a vey important homeopathic remedy called Dulcamara. Another name of this medicine is Bitter Sweet. You know the best season for application of this remedy is autumn and that’s why this is named as Autumn remedy. This remedy comes from the vegetable source as we know vegetable kingdom is the great source of medicines either in Allopathy or Homeopathy. One of the most important thing that we should search before application of this medicine is change of weather & cold damp weather. This is the only cause that makes arise each and every problem of Dulcamara and if we find the same symptoms in patient, we can make that patient cure from the his sufferings. In Homeopathy each medicine we prescribed on the basis of symptoms totality from mental to physical level. So have a look the mental plane of Dulcamara. Mentally Dulcamara is very dominant in nature and wants work to be done as per his choice or instructions. He considers very tiny things in life and get disappointed. Patient not discloses all the things until he believes that the person is understanding me or not. I remember a case of woman long back ago. When she came to me with her skin problem on the face and palmar surface of hands. She just gave the the few symptoms of that skin problem on her face and hands like there is no any burning, no any itching and all. On the inquiry I found some more relevant symptoms on the physical level like these skin problem she always got during the rainy cold damp weather every year. Actually she developed wart like eruptions on her hands. I also found that her eruption on face gets aggravated during her flow. So, physically I had been given all the symptoms to think about the Dulcamara but I was not sure about the mental plane. Then I inquire about the mental one but she did not give anything clearly like she always said, yes doctor everything is good enough. So I thought may be she did not make a trust on me that’s why she would not be clearly explain her mental condition. So, I went through very basic level and asked her how was her husband with her? The moment I asked this question it was like a striking stone to the Swarm of Bees. Then she told everything. She told, doctor you know I does each & every work of my husband but he does not even care about me and even does not say a good bye to me in morning, not even that my children are not listening to me they had got married where I did not like. I have given my whole life to my family but they never even thought about me. From all these inner symptoms of her I concluded one thing only , that is wanted to dominate through her decisions but she could not. And this is the nature of Dulcamara. So, finally Dulcamara 200 a single dose was given to that lady. And after 3 months course of medicines she was like free from all her skin problems its was like never before. So, this is all about this wonderful remedy. And if you have any kind of such problem then do not take medicines by yourself. You should consult your nearby Homeopath for better understanding and correct prescription. For any query or suggestion you can can contact me via email zahirdanclinic@gmail.com or watsapp@7980550423. #Homeopathy #Skin




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