Dull aching pain in abdomen

54/y/o with pain in abdomen from past few days It is dull aching pain It is continuous pain in the upper abdomen which has become progressively more severe. The pain radiates into the back. She feels nauseated and alternately hot and cold. Her past medical history is notable for a duodenal ulcer which was successfully treated 2 years ago. On examination She is tender in the right upper quadrant and epigastrium, with guarding and rebound tenderness. Bowel sounds are sparse. Prakriti kapha vata Agni samanya Jihva sama Mala sama

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D/D Peritonitis Intestinal obstruction Peptic ulcer disease Cholelithiasis Advise CBC, LFT, Metabolic Profile and USG abdomen

Thank you Dr@Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

D/D Hepatitis Pancreatitis Gallbladder stone Duodenal ulcer Peptic ulcer * rule out the cause by USG

Thank you @Dr. Twara Aashish

Firstly adv .some needful investigation like CBC, SGPT, SGOT. B.sugar. and USG Whole abdomen....

Go for usg and other related signs murphys and others check for gall bladder and kidney stones

Symptoms indicative of gall bladder stones, further investigations needed for confirmation.

Go for Usg Whole Abdomen to rule out the presence of Gall stone...

Ask for USG thn go for further line of treatment

China 200

China 200

रोगी के पित्ताशय में पथरी के लक्षण नजर आ रहे हैं इस रोगी का पूरे पेट का अल्ट्रासाऊड कराएं।

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