Peptic Ulcer Disease.

Duodenal Ulcer. Chief Complaints A 63 yr old female attended M OPD with SOB and generalized weakness since 3 days. No associated fever,cough,chest pain,hemoptysis,palpitation,sputum production,diaphoresis,vomiting,Malena etc. She is a K/C/O COPD on medication. No Significant other past History. O/E pt had pallor ,rest General Examination was normal. Poor air entry on chest auscultation with few crepts.Rest Systemic Examination was normal. Routine Ix was done.Reports were suggestive of Microcytic Hypochromic Anemia due to Iron deficiency with UGI Bleed as the Hb was low of 7 low Sr Ferritin of 16,low MCV of 73,low MCH of 26,Stool positive for Occult blood. TLC was raised with 16980,positive CRP ,raised ESR of 104. CXR showing Hyperinflated lungs with increased bronchovascular markings. Pt was referred for UGI Endoscopy and Colonoscopy . Colonoscopy is normal but Endoscopy is suggestive of Duodenal Ulcer. Gastroenterologist advised for HP kit. Pt is being managed conservatively and doing well on medication.

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