Good morning dear friends and colleagues, Today let's have a look at DUPUYTRENE'S CONTRACTURE of hand. It is one of the musculoskeletal complications of diabetes and seen in 5% of patients with diabetes. With regards, Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi.




Good informative. Is it reversible? Cause ? Neuropathy?

Thanks Dr Vasundhara. It is irreversible ,progressive and , permanent contracture of involved fingers. It is not related to neuropathy. Cause in diabetes are 1 Not exactly known. Increased prevalence of this is proportional to the duration of diabetes. 2 Localised ischemia and subsequent release of xanthine oxidase derived free radicle formation from endothelial cells. 3 pathophysiology of this is similar to wound healing like fibroblast proliferation, collagen deposition, and myofibroblast contraction driven by various growth factors .

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Excellent information on Dupuytren's contracture,madam

Thanks Dr Suvarchala

Really wonderful it refreshed my memory Thanks

Welcome Dr Navendu pal singh

surgery should help the deformity.i think so

You are right Dr Subhash. Tight control of blood sugars, physiotherapy, Intralesional injection of triamcinolone or collagenase, followed by surgery either open fasciotomy ,closed fasciotomy and fasciectomy are the options of choice of treatment for Dupuytrene's contracture. Hand Surgery decides by a hand surgeon. Recurrence rate is high even after surgery.

excellent & useful informative

Thanks Dr Himansushekhar Nath

rare case to see . Thank you Dr

Welcome Dr Haranath

Very useful information mam, this type of contracture develops in what percentage of diabetic patient and is there any associated features with it.

Thanks Dr Mahesh please go through the post ,you will find the answer

The common cause of Dupuytrene's contracture is supposed to be due to occupational ,or due to chronic frequent trauma.

Thank you doctor

How is it different from charcot joints? Is it painful or painless? Hypothyroidism is also associated with duptyren's

charcot's joint is a neuropathic arthropathy Charecterised by progressive degeneration of weight bearing joints leading to destruction of bone,resorption of bone and bone deformity. It can involve any joint but predominantly seen in lowerlimbs. There is no neuropathy in Dupuytrene's contracture. Dupuytrene's contracture is painful in the begining and later becomes painless in due course. Other causes for this are Genetic factors Trauma Diabetes Alcohol and liver diseases HIV cigarette smoking Anti epileptic drugs like phenobarbitone Manual labour Rheumatoid disease Previous MI Plantar fascitis Peyrones disease

A very clearly demonstrated case of Duputrynes Contracture.An eye opener and an useful revision class for me!!

Thank you doctor
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