Dx &DD plz? what type of hiccups these are? is it hysterical? . a old age lady suffering from this type noise continuously since yesterday. Anorexia. no any history of major medical or surgical illness before. no DM HTN. . no any other complaints. . she is insecure and continuously talking about As if she was haunted by her mother in law. which was RUDE and died in an accident. . Treated with allopathic medicines like baclofen antacids and tranquilizers but not get relief. . when I asked few questions while answering she feels ok and free from hiccups. amazing:) . . so what's the next best AYUSH plan?



No sound is there sir? Lachesis or Naja; feeling of haunted by her mother in law

All calcarea feels insecurity.

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@Dr. Akshay Ingole Sir, As I access we have to deeply analyze the case and her mental status from relatives. It is not Hiccup but a peculiar sound produced by her due to mental instability. That's why Baclofen is ineffective. Counselling, Antipsychotics may help her.

Thank you sir

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Moschus 200 bd

Thank you Moschus is a very good remedy for hysterical cases and hiccups.

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Yes, I agree with dr niranjan sir.these are not hiccups. The mental state of the patient is not sound. This case is to b treated like any other case of psychiatry.

Carbo veg200

No Doubt HYSTERICAL COUGH (नकली हिचकी) Due to fear and feeling of guilt (She might have done something to her mother in law) her IGNATIA 1 M 1 dose followed by Nux vom 30 TID @Dr. Akshay Ingole Sir!

Bharti sir! How about kingdom? She versus her mother in law. ANIMAL KINGDOM REMEDY EITHER SNAKE OR MOSCHUS. Newly married women after marriage usually develop the state of Naja and she is still talking about it! @Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti Sub kingdom is not clear though.

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I agree with@Dr. Niranjan Ram sir I think it is psycosomatic problem

Here you give one of ayurvedic therapy say dhupan with jatamansi,agar,tagar,chhoti kteli,gandhak,ghee,vijaysar.along with other oral medication like bhrami vati.laxshmi villas ras.

Get an endoscopy done Her enamel seems lost teeth appear black.....is she addict rule out DM CKD BRAIN TUMOUR PANCREATITIS PLEU.EFF. DO LFT USG ABD PELV ENZYMES give gels mp lach asaf ign

Dr Akshay sir she is mentally tourchared give ignatia 200 single dose in my opinion

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