dx n tt only itching no other complain scinse last 2 year

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my dd is palmar psoriasis ... .. but in detail the history is needed .. ocupation history . if he is working in cement factiry or farmer , then i can go for eczema . treatmwnt base i advice keratolytic with steriod combination . halobet - s in morning and night . and moisterx cream in afternoon . . and anti histamine . if psoriasis can give nbuvb .. alternate days.

I can see leg lesion in background . What's the profession of patient ? Palmoplantar psoriasis ?


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Why can't we think of arsenic poisoning. This is not palmoplantar keratoderma and does not fit to psoriasis in my experience.

Palmo plantar psoriasis

pulmono Planter psoriasis. Tab Methotrexate 7.5 mg.od weekly. Tab Erythromycin 500 TID for 7days.Cap Vitamins A 600000.OD. Tab Multivitamins OD. Cream silysilic acid + Flutivate Topical

Dry eczema. RX Antim crud 200 od for 15 days and Anagalis 200 one dose twice in a week for two such. apply petroleum gel locally at bed time. to avoid washing by shop. then consult after 15 days. Thanks gentleman.

it is allergic reaction of pesticides and not taken any tt since long

Can it b cutaneous manifestation of Reiter's syndrome(keratoderma blenorrhagicum)?

Psoriasis dd lichen planus dd contact dermatitis

pls mention detail history .. with ocupation and in contact with any pesticide r anything . it can give us a conform diagnosis .

yes dr farmimg his occupatin may be he often touch pestiside n other chemecal used in farming
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