dx plz severe Itching both inner thighs margins are irregular dry patches and scales patient take treatment since 3 to 4 years but no relief. patient works in mining area,where dust problem.In his village every 3rd person suffer from skin disease like this...



Tenia corporis.. RX.. Antifungal Itraconazol 200mg OD x 1o days Followed by 100 mg OD x month.. Antihistaminics Levocetirizine for itching.. Topically ointment luliconazole.. Wash with keto soap .. Overall health improvements with Good hygiene with follow up..

Patient already take this type of medicine(example itra+terbinafine,antifungal cream,keto-z soap,dexona) but no improvement,relief for sometime but after some days it occur again.

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Tinea corporis Tab zocon 200mg OD alternate day x 15 days Tab Terbitotal 250 mg BD x 15 days Sertaconazole 2 %cream for LA Flucos dusting powder for LA Keto soap Cap doxy 100 mg BD x 15 days Maintain personal hygiene Improve general body health Intake Plenty of more water Avoid oily and spicy food egg fish chicken burger fast food pizza etc Dettol liquid for bath and clothes washing

Thanks Dr bharat sir

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Tinea Corporis Terbenafine 250mg daily×4weeks, Flucanazole 150mg daily×3weeks, Levocetrizine5 mg BD×3weeks, Luliconazole oint to apply locally. Multivitamin Maintain personal hygiene.

Thanks Dr Bharat B Madha

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Tinea corporis Terbinafine 250mg OD for 10 days Itraconazole 200mg OD for 15 days Hydroxyzine 25mg OD for 20 days Sertaconazole ointment at night Bath with Ketoconazole soap

Tinea corporis Rx of topical lulifit / tolnafate cream Tab griso 250 mg bd for 21 days Tab atarax 25 mg hs Tab multivit plus od KZ or candid soap Maintain personal hygiene

Thanks for your valuable suggestion

Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis. Itraconazol 200mg od Atarax tab. Sertaconazole cream locally

It's affecting the groin area . Tinea cruris/jockey itch.

Tinea corporis Rx local application of antifungal and oral antifungal with antihistamines

T. Corporis

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