Deeply white tongue

Dx & Rx for white tongue of this baby.



Oral thrush (Fungal) or something else? Ist clean tongue with lukewarm moist sterile gauge to remove white thing. If not goes then think for tt of oral thrush.?

? Milk residue or oral thrush

take cotton and gently try to remove that white layer.if it is coming easily without any underlying bleeding and the child is not having any pain , it means it is just a milk layer. No treatment required. But while doing the above said procedure , if the child is crying, or if the layer is hard to remove or presence of bleeding under that white layer is suggestive of Oral Thrush (Candidiasis) Go for Candid mouth paint application locally after feed.

Probably oral thrush. Candid mouth paint application will help. Clean the babies tongue and gums periodically with gauze piece and maintain oral hygiene

Thrush. Candid Mouth Paint. Locally. Visyneral Drops Orally.

Candida albicans infection.lacal clotrimazole lotion

Oral thrush Candid mouth paint

clean with lukewarm water and sterile gauge.

@oral thrush , maintain oral hyigine

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