DX? scattered blackish spots on both sides of arms since 2 yrs. .used steroids but temporary supressed. now awakened in strong strength. on the back also. no itching. feels irritable when see the pustules and try to pick by nails. concomitants. lumbago after sex . alternate with fatigue. . these lesions start appearing as pustules then he pricks (habit) leaves black scar. shopkeeper. 29 yr old male (married) SUPER HOT patient. can't tolerate heat in any form. Cold in general ameliorate. . Constitution flabby, sunken eyes. Desire fish, meat all the nonveg items. aversion spinach, sweets. urine normal stool constipation alternates with diarrhoea. . Dreams of accidents, imaginational world living in. . sleep sound. no any history of medical and surgical illness before. .No Addiction mentals . Easily gets angry. wants to throw objects avilable in hand but then suddenly thinks there will be himselfs loss by breaking object. insult intolerable. wants live in imaginational world always. fear to live or accept reality. what's the remedy? possible AYUSH MANAGEMENT?



More Clear Image required for disease diagnosis. But, one thing is sure that lesions are psychosomatic in origin. Also patient suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Otherwise, Staph is good selection.

Good case taking. By the symptoms this is a case of psoriasis. Ipecac and cuprum met are the indicated complementary remedies. Please give ipecac 1M single dose followed by cuprum met 200 after ten days or even later when indications become clear

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH) OR Impetigo.... Sulph. Medorrhinum may drug of choice.

You can advise for Mahamanjishthadi Kashaya along with your homeopathic management

Mentat DS Syrup 2 tsf tds, Cap Purodil 2 tds, Kum kumadi taila Locally 1 month then review

Staph 200 .

Totally agree. .. Staph. Is also my first choice.

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It is impetigo SULPHUR is helpful medicine

SULPHUR 1 M one dose

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. coffia may be helpful.

Rx Similimum / Staphisagria

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